Thursday, September 16 2021

With us all confined to our homes during MCO, many have turned to online shopping platforms such as Shoppee, Lazada, and Zalora, to name a few. there is no doubt that we could easily get bored with little to no social interaction. Therefore, many of us resort to either social media browsing or online shopping apps, which results in constantly comparing the prices of the same products from different suppliers and striving for the cheapest price. Dear ! Despite the extensive use of online shopping platforms, it is indeed the role of couriers to deliver goods on time and without damage. In recent months, courier services have come under fire for issues such as poor customer service and damage to delivered products.

Just recently, a digital designer, Lisa, faced a similar issue with the popular Citylink messaging service! Based on her TikTok video, apparently she sent two acrylic paintings worth RM300 each to her client. However, she received the shock of her life when the client was given vitamins instead of paints. Upon closer inspection, it could be seen that the Airway Bill (AWB) was torn off and stuck on the box containing the vitamins. She had no idea where the paintings were.

Both paintings took about 2 months to be completed. Lisa then called customer service to resolve the issue. But things took a turn for the worse from that point on. The customer service agent when inquiring about the paintings said rudely, “Miss, if you don’t want to speak politely to me, I don’t want to help you, okay. Thank you. Bye.” He hangs up on the phone.

Lisa, who was really frustrated, decided to call back. The call was returned to the same person, and she asked them: “Are you the one who hung up on me earlier?” “

Repeating his rudeness, he lied to her pretending he wasn’t the same person and hung up on her! She called customer service for the third time and was worshiped by another person. This time the officer accused her of lying and told her the courier couldn’t tear up the AWB. Plus, he said Lisa must have sent the wrong package instead. This was an absurd claim as the AWB made it clear that the package weighed 7 kg in total and that the vitamin box would likely have weighed around a few hundred grams.


In her video, Lisa had also asked the public for help in finding her paintings. A few days later, she uploaded another video, stating that she had finally found her paintings after a lot of trouble! After filing a police report, she went to the warehouse and looked at Citylink’s CCTV footage to find the real culprits.

The box containing the paintings was torn and the AWB could not be found. Fortunately, the paints are safe and unharmed. Despite picking up her package, Lisa still demands two things from the courier: justification from them for sticking the AWB into another package and terrible customer service!

Citylink is certainly not the only mail delivery service to be criticized by users. Previously, J&T had won public disapproval when a video of its employees throwing packages went viral on social media. Nevertheless, it is indeed crucial for users to appeal to these companies for their poor quality of customer service. It is high time they took responsibility for their actions.

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