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Buying vitamins for your family on Main Street can be extremely expensive, which is a barrier to accessing supplements to help maintain a healthy lifestyle.

New brand online Sea lions focuses on providing premium wellness products that won’t break the bank, with a year-long supply of vitamins in a select range available for just £ 5. That’s right – 365 vitamins for an amazing £ 5!

They only use the best suppliers and factories, ensuring that all the ingredients and the supplements themselves are of the highest quality for you and your family.

Sealions is focused on providing a range of premium wellness products that won’t break the bank, with a year of vitamins in a select range available for just £ 5

Sealions is committed to making vitamins affordable for everyone and manages to keep prices this low by halving its own margins and cutting out the middleman – with products available to order online simply and quickly.

They come in compostable bags, so you can take care of the planet as well as your well-being. Sea lions raises awareness of animal and environmental charities, with a percentage of its profits donated to a selected charity each month.

There are options to support everyone’s goals, from toddlers and children to teens, adults and over 50s. Other products are tailored to specific needs, ranging from pregnancy to weight loss and overall health. They should all be associated with a healthy and balanced diet.

Sealions is here to help happier, healthier families enjoy a happier, healthier world. Scroll down to learn more about its line of core supplements and what benefits they could bring you. All come as a one-year supply (365 tables or softgels) for just £ 5.

Sealions multivitamin + iron supplement supports overall health and well-being

Multivitamin + Iron

Sealions Multivitamin + Iron Supplement combines 12 essential vitamins with iron to support overall health and well-being.

Vitamin C contributes to normal immune function, Vitamin A helps maintain regular vision, Vitamin D is necessary for strong bones and teeth, and B vitamins help with energy production.

The formula created by experts contains iron to support the normal formulation of red blood cells and help reduce feelings of tiredness and fatigue.

It is suitable for men and women of all ages and may have particular benefits for vegetarians, menstruating women, athletes, or people on a low calorie diet, as these groups may be at higher risk for iron deficiency.

Each Sealions Vitamin D3 tablet contains 1000iu of nutrient

Vitamin D3

The Department of Health recommends that everyone consider taking a daily vitamin D supplement, especially during the winter months.

The most common way our bodies produce vitamin D is through natural sunlight, which has earned it the nickname “the sunshine vitamin”.

This means that the amount we produce varies throughout the year, with higher levels in spring and summer, but less in winter.

It helps support a healthy immune system, while maintaining normal bone, tooth and muscle health.

Each Sealions Vitamin D3 tablet contains 1000 IU of nutrient. It is the same form of vitamin D that our bodies naturally produce in response to sunlight.

Cod liver oil is one of the richest natural sources of vitamins A and D

Cod liver oil

Although it contains less omega-3 fatty acids than regular fish oils, cod liver oil is one of the richest natural sources of vitamins A and D.

These essential vitamins are vital for maintaining positive health and wellness and are naturally present in cod liver oil, allowing them to be absorbed and used effectively by the body.

Each capsule contains over 100% of the daily allowance of both vitamins to support normal immunity, vision, bone and tooth health, and normal muscle function.

The perfect way to make your day go smoothly!

Vitamin C is needed to maintain healthy skin, bones, teeth and gums

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient that is necessary for the proper functioning of the body.

A natural antioxidant, present in fruits and vegetables, it is soluble in water and is only stored in the body in small quantities, which means that a regular intake must be maintained.

Vitamin C is needed to maintain healthy skin, bones, teeth and gums. It also contributes to normal immunity and the protection of cells against oxidative stress by helping the body neutralize free radicals. These can be produced in excess due to exposure to pollution, sunlight, or other factors like cigarette smoke.

Sea lionsThe high strength formula provides 200 mg of vitamin C to support normal health, energy and vitality.

Fatty acids like omega 3 are essential for good health and support normal heart function, brain function and vision

Omega-3 fish oil

Fish oil is a rich source of omega-3 essential fatty acids, including eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA).

Together, these fatty acids are essential for good health and support normal heart and brain function, as well as vision.

EPA and DHA are considered “essential” because our bodies cannot produce them, which means they must be ingested from food.

This is sometimes difficult to achieve from regular food sources, and recent data shows that the average consumption of oily fish in the UK is well below recommended guidelines.

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