Milk, fruits and vitamins for the skin

Good skin health requires good nutrition.

Nivea has stepped up its tradition of providing women with the best body care they can offer in two new lines of “nourishing” lotions to keep skin healthy.

The first is the Nivea Intensive Moisture Milk range which works for intensely soft and smooth skin thanks to a range of vitamins, nutrients and essences that deeply hydrate and repair. Formulated with Vitamin E and Avocado Skin Nutrients, lab tests have shown it to provide 48 hours of hydration from a single application.

Vitamin E is a popular skin care ingredient known to be a hydration booster and often recommended for dry and patchy skin; while the good things in avocado offer a total of 10 benefits for improving the quality and health of the skin.

For skin issues related to dullness and hyperpigmentation, Nivea offers its award-winning line of vitamin lotions from Thailand.

Using vitamin C as the main ingredient, the lotion is available in C&E Vitamin C&A Vitamin variants.

C&E contains 50% more vitamin C to lighten and keep skin hydrated, while filtering out harmful UV rays from the sun. It contains multiple sources of vitamin C from camu camu fruits and acerola cherry, and ascorbic acid.

C&A’s formula is fortified with Vitamin A to help lighten stubborn dark spots and Grapeseed Extract for softer, smoother, and younger-looking skin that’s even all over.

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