Ford Credit, details of loan offers

Want to buy a Ford? A Ford car loan could help finance this type of vehicle at a lower cost, provided that you benefit from the most attractive offer. But how to find your way around with all the loan possibilities we have today. Credit organization, dealer, we detail everything in this article.

Ford Credit, the best rate if nothing!

It’s easy to find and get the best auto credit. Comparing the different credit offers, like buying a car, is the best solution. Apart from the promotional offers proposed by the dealers of course. But outside of the promotional period, going through our credit comparator will allow you to obtain a ranking of the best rates for a Ford credit. With the possibility of choosing three offers proposed by our partner organizations to have a better chance of agreement. You just have to fill out a questionnaire in a few minutes to access the final ranking.

Compare the different rates of a Ford loan

Compare the different rates of a Ford loan

Let’s take an example of Ford credit to demonstrate the value of comparing auto loan deals. We therefore chose a “New car loan or -2 years” in our simulator for an amount of 10,000 USD to be reimbursed in 60 months.

  • Lowest rate: 3.51% Monthly payment: $ 181.71 Total cost of Ford credit: $ 902.60
  • Highest rate: 7.59% Monthly payment: $ 199.61 Total cost of Ford credit: $ 1976.60

More than 1,000 USD difference between these two offers which are in the first and last place in our ranking. So do not hesitate to take the test according to your prerequisites to be able to ask if you wish, the three offers of our podium.

The 0% Ford credit dealership dealership

The 0% Ford credit dealership dealership

The ford 0% loan offer is not a loan without contribution. You must be able to finance a first contribution of 20% of the vehicle price to be able to benefit from this offer. It may be that this contribution can be made by a recovery of vehicle.
The Ford 0% credit is valid for 12 to 48 months. Unlike the classic free credit offers that are for short periods, the Ford credit offer is a real good promotion.

The only point which should not be neglected is the negotiation of the purchase price of the vehicle because during this type of promotion on credit in the automobile, the discounts can be much less important on the price d ‘purchase or on the amount of the recovery of the old vehicle. Do not let go of anything on this negotiation otherwise the 0% Ford car loan will only be a transfer of rebate between the price of the vehicle and the cost of credit or less…

The conclusion for us is that the 0% Ford credit offer is roughly equivalent to a 6.6% drop in the price of new compared to the best car credit rate on the market. So do not neglect at all your negotiation on the price of the vehicle !!!

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Apart from this promotional offer, going through a specialized organization will offer you a better Ford credit offer.