Financing household appliances with your credit card

Are you planning to buy household appliances soon? New cookers or a new refrigerator? Keep in mind that household appliances cost a fair amount. Below are some tips that can certainly come in handy when purchasing and financing them.


1. The warranty

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The guarantee plays an important role in the purchase of household appliances, especially with more expensive purchases. These guarantees come in handy if your devices cause problems or have been damaged. The legal warranty runs for 2 years, so entering into an extended warranty can be interesting if you do not want to discard your device after 2 years.

Some credit cards offer an extended warranty on household appliances, provided that it is a new appliance and that you have paid for it in full with the card. The duration of an extended warranty can even run up to 2 years (so with the legal warranty up to 4 years).

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2. Cashback and points

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Credit cards with cashback and points help you save on your purchases.

  • Credit cards with cashback allow you to recover a certain percentage of your purchases. Depending on the card you can enjoy between 1 and 2% cashback for every euro you spend. The money will then be deposited into your account. There is, however, an annual maximum of $ 350. With some cards you receive a welcome bonus in the form of a larger cashback during the first three months or even an exemption from the annual contribution of the card during the first year. Certainly do not hesitate to compare all credit cards with cash back on our online comparison platform.
  • Credit cards with points allow you to collect points on every purchase that you can then exchange for gifts, gift vouchers and discounts. There are different point programs that allow you to enjoy numerous discounts at the desired stores. Choose the right credit card using our online comparison platform.


3. Promotions

3. Promotions

Stores often offer commercial discounts on their products. Keep an eye on these promotions during the typical shopping periods (Christmas, New Year, sales, etc.). In addition, promotions are often given on household appliances, so follow these carefully!


4. The loan for household appliances

4. The loan for household appliances

You can also take out a personal loan for financing household appliances. With this loan you do not have to be accountable for what you will use the money. Some financial institutions even offer customized loans for household appliances. It is therefore very important to compare the various loans as well as possible.

Below you will find an overview of the two most advantageous loans for financing household appliances for $ 4,000 repayable in 36 months.