Evangelion featured in BBC Academic Challenge – Interest

A question about the representation of Lilith in a mecha hanime beats Cambridge University students

The anime occasionally features in UK quizzes and game shows, with a particularly noteworthy case in 2019 when a participant in the series Countdown won a round with the word “hentai. “

On a recent edition of the venerable series University challenge, which aired on August 23, faced three questions relating to Lilith’s portrayals in television series. One of these depictions was in the vampire series Real blood; another was in The Frozen Adventures of Sabrina. As for the third …

Jeremy Paxman, University challengethe host of: “Located in the future city of Tokyo-3, which mecha anime depicts Lilith as a seed of life, an alien created to spread life across the universe? The series is known for a dense internal mythology that draws on various religious traditions. I need a three word title. ”

Student 1: “It’s like Evangelion Genesis something, but it’s not three words … ”

Student 2: “Is this Full Metal Al …”

Student 1: “Oh, that could be it. ”

Student 2: “I’ve never seen this. Fullmetal Alchemist. ”

Paxman: No, you were right the first time. Neon Genesis Evangelion [pronounced evan-jel-eon].

The students, at Trinity College, Cambridge, also failed to answer Lilith’s other questions correctly, but were the big winners in this episode.

The episode is currently available on the BBC iPlayer.

For memory, Anime Encyclopedia co-author Jonathan Clement Appeared on Christmas University Challenge in 2019, as part of a team of University of Leeds alumni.

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