Boots partners with Deliveroo for home delivery of pain relievers and vitamins

UK drugstore chain, Boots has partnered with online food delivery company Deliveroo to enable customers to have products such as makeup, pain relievers and vitamins delivered to their homes through a delivery app.

Initially, 14 stores across England and Scotland will participate in the pilot, including four in London as well as Edinburgh and Nottingham. If successful, the channel plans to roll it out in other areas in the coming months.


Through the delivery app, customers will be able to order medication and pain relievers for ailments such as coughs, colds and hay fever for home delivery.

The retailer has expressed interest in products for parents and sick people who cannot easily leave the house.


Boots has been significantly affected by the pandemic, with the chain collapsing to a loss of £ 258million in the year through the end of August 2020 as revenue has fallen 11%. However, the chain has seen a steady increase in online sales in successive lockdowns, as sales of beauty products and vitamins have rebounded.

During the pandemic, the chain launched a number of digital platforms to allow customers to access their regular pharmacy services. Namely, a video pharmacy consultation service launched for people living with cancer, and a platform to connect patients and pharmacists through LIVI, a shared online appointment and prescription platform for to relieve the pressure from the NHS.

In October 2020, they started offering an in-store COVID-19 testing service with LumiraDx.


Paula Bobbett, Manager at Boots UK, said: “We are very excited about this new partnership with Deliveroo and have carefully selected over 400 products for its launch to help our customers get the things they want. need, when they need it.

“It will come in handy when you need something urgently but can’t leave the house, like you’re not feeling well or taking care of your children.

“Our online business continues to grow and this partnership provides a way for our customers to access our products quickly and easily.”

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